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Sally Reahard Visitor Center Takes Shape

Carter C. Hudgins, Drayton Hall Reimagined, Sally Reahard Visitor Center

Drayton Hall aerial view of new facilities

Since breaking ground on new facilities in February of this year, work to transform Drayton Hall has progressed at a steady pace. To date, efforts to reshape our roads and expand parking are nearing completion, and our new visitor and education centers are rapidly taking shape. As seen above, the historic caretaker’s cottage has been carefully relocated, and timber framing and slate roofing has been installed on the other buildings – all while keeping the original estate safe and preserved.

Inside of our new complex, plumbers, electricians and carpenters have begun work ahead of the installation of windows, doors and mechanical equipment. In the months to come, we will begin to outfit our gallery and interpretive spaces, and install historically significant horticultural resources in and around the buildings.

While we get to see these changes each day, we’ve hosted a few of our lucky supporters (all in hard hats!) to see the progress. Seeing this work has given us all an appreciation for the future visitor’s journey – how they’ll first encounter Drayton Hall, and how they’ll move through exhibits and learn about the history and people of the estate. Our magnificent oak in the middle continues to center our vision and hold a place for interpretive gardens that will feature historically accurate botanicals.

It goes without saying that the momentum that we are experiencing is nothing short of a team effort. From staff, contractors and designers, we have all played a significant role in transforming Drayton Hall, and this includes you, our dedicated supporters. Without your belief in the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, we would not be able to implement our strategy to enhance Drayton Hall for the benefit of future generations. On behalf of the staff of Drayton Hall, I look forward to opening our new facilities – with you – in the spring of 2018.