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Category: Trivia

American Revolution, Trivia

How did John Drayton, builder of Drayton Hall, die? John Drayton died while evacuating from Drayton Hall in 1779, with the Revolutionary War waging around him. He suffers a seizure…

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Amber Satterthwaite, Drayton Diaries, Trivia

How important was music to the family of Charles Drayton I? Charles’s diaries reveal that music and dance were significant in the Draytons’ social lives and also played important roles…

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Landscape, Trivia

At least 13 enslaved men performed those essential tasks: Abraham, Arakias, Azactrias, Ben, Billy, Cimon and his son, George, John, Michael, Quash (foreman), Quash, Sam, Toby, and Tuite.

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