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Category: Horticulture

Eric Becker, Horticulture, Landscape, Lenhardt Garden at Drayton Hall

As winter descends upon the Lowcountry not all is lost in the pursuit of outside flowers.  While many are familiar with the fall to winter and winter to spring blooming…

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archaeology in Charleston sc historic plantation homes
Archaeology, Horticulture, Luke Pecoraro

An exciting mystery of archaeology and horticulture emerged from a old project in the basement of Drayton Hall which was readdressed this week. Luke Pecoraro, Drayton Hall’s new Director of…

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must see places in charleston sc
Carter C. Hudgins, Conservation, Horticulture, Landscape, The Oaks

Drayton Hall Preservation Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of the historic The Oaks property located to the north of Drayton Hall between the Ashley River Road and the…

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