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Category: Nicole Houck

Archaeology, Education, Fieldwork, Interiors, Luke Pecoraro, Nicole Houck

The archaeology team returned to the north flanker building this fall season to complete excavations on this important structure which had taken place in 1981 and 2008. Increased armadillo activity…

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Archaeology, Fieldwork, Luke Pecoraro, Nicole Houck

Black Delft fragments found archaeologically at Drayton Hall The tiny artifacts pictured above represent the only examples of black delft ever found archaeologically in the world.   Black delft, a tin-glazed…

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Working Toy Cannon
American Revolution, Archaeology, Luke Pecoraro, Nicole Houck

    The archaeological collection at Drayton Hall represents a diverse population of individuals who called Drayton Hall home, from the enslaved to the Drayton family, and their visitors. Despite…

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Archaeology, Luke Pecoraro, Nicole Houck

Recently, our archaeologists made an exciting discovery in our current excavation!  We were able to connect this medicine bottle to a local pharmacy dating to 1875-1901.  The bottle is associated…

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