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Holiday, 2018: Our Curators Pick the Perfect Gifts from The Shop at Drayton Hall

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The new Shop at Drayton Hall has become a favorite place to buy gifts for history buffs, historians, and hosts and hostesses. In our new Online Shop, you’ll find beautifully appointed gifts for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list.

The curators here at Drayton Hall helped to create and develop many of the items from which you can shop and we asked them to share which gifts are their favorite for the 2018 holiday season. with our readers:

best gifts for history buffs 2018


Sarah Stroud Clarke – Archaeologist and Curator of Collections, selected the Dragon Teapot Silk Scarf as her favorite gift to give for the holidays of 2018.






I chose the Dragon Teapot Silk Scarf: The archaeological fragments of the dry-bodied stoneware teapot are some of my favorites found in the Drayton Hall Archaeological Collection and the intact teapot to display with these artifacts was the first purchase we made for the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust Decorative Arts Collection in 2015, so it too holds a special place in my heart. I love that the chinoiserie style dragon is now dancing across a beautiful silk scarf in our shop! – Sarah Stroud Clarke

best gifts for historians 2018 charleston



Trish Lowe Smith – Curator of Historic Architectural Resources, selected the book Founding Gardeners as her favorite gift to give for the holidays of 2018.




My pick is Founding Gardeners. This is my favorite time of year to curl up with a book, and Founding Gardeners offers such an engaging look into the lives of our Founding Fathers. It was fascinating to read how they viewed their botanical pursuits as both a respite from the turmoil of the Revolution  and an expression of their political ideals and hopes for the new republic. Even if you’re not particularly interested in gardening, this is a great read! – Trish Lowe Smith

beset gifts for designers 2018



Cameron Moon, Assistant Curator of Historic Architectural Resources, selected the Drayton Hall Gate Earrings as her favorite gift to give for the holidays of 2018.

best gift for designers 2018 charleston





I like the Drayton Hall Harp Gate Earrings. One of my favorite views at Drayton Hall is the one I achieve by standing in the cellar and looking out through the harp gate. I love the iron gates around Charleston, so wearing the harp gate from Drayton Hall is very special! – Cameron Moon

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