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Day Three: Delving Deeper into Southern History

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What a great day! Our class spent another day adventuring in and around Charleston. We were presented with new and more detailed information about South Carolina history, enjoyed spirited conversations with each other and our very gracious and tactful leaders, and appreciated the delights of local cuisine.

The most surprising information I gained today was that the Union troops posted to Fort Sumter prior to the Civil War had the good fortune to have several musicians in the group!! These musicians, in addition to contributing to the military duties, would provide entertainment to help alleviate some of the stress, tedium, and frustration of the men waiting on the SMALL island.

The Hunley exhibit touched my heart. How much courage and conviction those men must have had to volunteer to complete this mission. And today, the care and respect with which the sub and its contents are being studied and preserved demonstrates our appreciation for the scientific, ideological, and personal contributions of these men.

Our museum stops were too brief. In addition to period clothing displayed at the “Threads of War” exhibit at the Charleston Museum, there was also

Teachers and Drayton Hall staff dress in period costume at the Charleston Museum exhibit.

a quilt pattern that I have made using the strip method of construction and a magnificent “op-art” woven rug. This piece had to be the prototype of the 1970’s op-art posters. How did the women “think and breathe at the same time” wearing those corsets, undergarments, and twenty-five pounds of fabric in those dresses?

I would love to see more of the museums. What an excellent excuse for a return visit to South Carolina!

Carol  Whisman is a teacher at Palco High School in Kansas and is one of only 2 out of state teachers participating in the workshop.